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Why Restore???
The furniture you own, just inherited, or are thinking about refinishing or repairing is an important part of history. It's probably made of better material (real woods and wood veneers) and was crafted to be durable and serviceable for many years. If you have bought new furniture in the last 20 years you have seen this is usually not the case. Most new furniture is made from ground paper and wood pulp with an ever thinning wood veneer and construction techniques that are questionable at best. Use of plastics is at an all time high. Although newer furniture is somewhat serviceable it can be more expensive to repair than your older quality constructed pieces. Good refinishing brings back vibrant original colors and showcases the wood under modern more durable coatings that offer beauty and protection. Quality structural and cosmetic repair can economically put a piece back in service that may have been otherwise discarded. Restoring makes since environmentally too since the furniture restoration process uses less than 10% of the energy and natural resources that are required in new manufacturing. Sound interesting??? Find out more about our exclusive services, restoration process, and FREE ESTIMATES.
Why go with Furniture Physicians???
A word about insurance or third party quotes...
How can I find out about your local company reputation?
Does your staff have any special training in refinishing and repair?
How long does it take to have a piece of furniture stripped, repaired ,or refinished?
I’ve always heard it costs a lot to have refinishing done, is this true?
I own veneered furniture. What's that mean and can it even be restored?
How do I find out whether the furniture I am considering is worth refinishing?
Someone recently told me not to refinish but to "refurbish" my furniture to maintain it’s value. What is "refurbishment?"
My restaurant has over 140 loose chairs that also need some touch-up. How can I afford to send them out for repair???
My old dresser is really a basket case. The brass hardware is dull, the frame is loose, and several carvings are missing. Is there any hope for a piece like this???