Kurt writes:

word from the owner of the restored Brunswick billiards table

In seeking out help to restore my antique billiards table, I contacted Furniture Physicians as well as several other furniture restorers. Besides the significant value of my table, it is more importantly a sentimental piece that reflects years of memories between my father and myself. It was extremely important that I found someone that understood what they were doing as well as attaining a comfort level that they they would not harm the character of the table. While Furniture Physicians are not experts in antique billiard tables, they are experts in wood restoration. My table has 8 different types of wood veneers that were damaged in some fashion as well as potential moisture concerns.

I have never refinished a piece of furniture before and had no real knowledge of the processes that my table needed to go through. I did however know that I needed to be careful and find someone that I could trust to restore my delicate table. The owner Darrel Kestner was very patient in explaining all the potential concerns, as well as explaining the restoration processes that my table would need to endure. His knowledge was extremely comforting as we proceeded in the restoration process. He and his staff kept me involved in each step of the process from drying, stripping, repairing, and refinishing as well as facilitating some of the additional woodwork needed to fully restore my table to it's original state. While I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my table, a truer reflection of the work done is the compliments I have received from several antique billiard table experts that have recently seen my restored table. I highly recommend Furniture Physicians. The owner and their staff did an amazing job on my table and I would definitely use them again in any future projects

Kurt K.
Pickerington, OH
Cheryl writes:
From the owner of fire damaged furniture

In April of 2006, while my family vacationed in Florida, a fire gutted our home. By the time we returned the house was in ruins and our belongings were coverd in soot and water logged.

Much of our furniture was antique family pieces. Newer pieces, like my infant daughters bed, were selected after a great deal of research and were no longer available. Some things, picture frames, memnto boxes, a carved wooden elephant we bought on our honeymoon, were simply irreplaceable.

This furniture was buried under soot, charred, and water damaged. Some pieces were left outside near piles of debris. I THOUGHT WE HAD LOST EVERTHING.

A friend and co-worker, told me of a company that might be able to save some of our belongings. I contacted Furniture Physicians and explained our situation. Annette, one of the principal's of the company, set up an appointment to look at the furniture the next day. She made a list of items she saw that could be restored based on what she could see in the blackened interior. Ultimately she would make several visits as we unearthed more and more pieces.

Furniture Physicians did it all; they arranged for all the needed paperwork, set up pick-up and delivery, stored pieces, and personally worked with my husband and myself in every step of the restoration process. Not only have the pieces been saved but they never looked more beautiful!

I have personally worked in the insurance industry and I had no idea that this furniture could be saved. I'm glad I found Furniture Physicians and will recommend them for their integrity, professionalism, and obvious, talents.

Cheryl A.,
Columbus, OH
Sue writes:

What a great job you did on restoring my parent's furniture! It was such a surprise to see it almost as good as new. The new top on the buffet is perfect. The ability you had to return the wood to it's original beauty was amazing. I wish I could express my surprise when I was called to go and see the finished product. The care and devotion everyone showed in the whole process of restoring our furniture spoke of everyone's dedication to their craft, excellent customer service, and understanding of the emotional value of items. I would recommend Furniture Physicians to anyone wanting the best service, price, and finished product.

Sue D.
New Albany, OH