Can you Afford to Restore

Welcome to our Central Ohio Interactive Restoration Form. Most people just want to get an idea of how much it will cost to restore an item with us and if that furniture is of collectable or antique value.

Please note that this is a service offered only to Franklin, Delaware, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, Madison, and Union counties here in Ohio. If you are from any other geographic area outside of these central Ohio counties contact us at our main (614) 855-9720 phone number. Please fill out this form as completely as possible as missing information can delay our response.

Just fill out the following information:

Item description
How old is it?
Was this a family piece or pieces?
Give us the height, length, and width of the piece? Height: Length Width
Please check as many of the following problems as needed that you see on this furniture now
Chips, gouges, nicks, & scratches
Finish coating has darkened with age
Finish coating is flaking or large areas worn away
Cigarette or any other type of burn
Structural problems (loose or broken arms, legs, etc.)
Missing parts or hardware
Has this piece been disassembled or taken apart? Yes: No:
If this furniture was restored or refinished I would:
Be using it daily
Use it only occasionally
Have it only as a decorative piece
At first glance what bothers you the most about the current condition of this furniture?
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My home address and phone number (optional)

By filling out this form a craftsperson will personally e-mail or call you with (within 24 to 48 hours) a brief evaluation about your furniture and what it costs for possibly stripping, repair, refinishing or any other service that might be needed on this item. They will also indicate if the piece(s) might be of antique or collectable value. Please also note any e-mail replys will be coming from the woodoctr mailbox.

You should make sure to watch for the send line containing that and also check you spam folder. Some people that have said they didn't get an answer back from us found the reply in their spam folder.

If you need a more immediate answer to your restoration questions please call Lora, the Restoration Coordinator, directly at 614-855-9720 number. With her 28 years of restoration experience with our company there's not too much she cannot answer for you about our services!