The Furniture Physicians Company is a family refinishing business operating in the Columbus Ohio area for its' 34th year. Darrel and Annette Kestner with their daughter Lora and staff offer you over 110 years of combined stripping, repair, and refinishing expertise. Wooden Furniture Restoration is our specialty although we also offer Metal Stripping, Brass & Copper Stripping, Polishing, & Lacquering and Refinishing & Repair Supplies. Our in-home and on-site services include repair and touch-up. We are also available nationally for restoration consulting and planning. Furniture Physicians is the largest restoration shop in central Ohio and 3rd largest in the United States.

If you need help immediately call us at (614) 855-9720.

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In-Home Touh Up Repair
Custom Refinishing
Conservation & Preservation
Structural Repair & Specialties

Structure Repair & Specialties

Much of the furniture that comes to us is put back in daily use in homes. A broken leg or drawer must stand up to this use. Since our records indicate that less than 1/10 of 1% of our repairs fail we can offer you this unique limited warranty.

Limited Repair Warranty- If the structural repair we have done fails do to our poor craftsmanship and does not show signs of abuse or excessive wear and tear we will repair the area for a second time for FREE. Warranty claims are honored with your original receipt (work order) presented along with the re-work. (This warranty does not cover the tearing of surrounding woods because our repair did hold.) Furniture Physicians reserves the right to turn down a repair or offer, at the customer's own risk, non-warranteed repairs.

Our Special In-shop Services- Re-veneering, Metal Stripping, Brass& Copper Stripping, Polishing, & Lacquering

Wood Veneer Repair

Veneer is the thin layer of wood many times glued over solid wood stocks and other materials.  The veneering process is centuries old and originally was done to obtain particular cuts of decorative wood.  Veneering use extends into most kitchen cabinets, automobile dashes, paneling and trim, and many other areas where you "think" you might have solid wood stock.  We can always tell you if a surface is veneered and what we can do to repair it.  In most cases it has evolved into a method of cutting costs and expending the use of many hardwood trees.  We are often asked about replacing or repairing this thin surface. When veneering is chipped or completely removed from a surface it is necessary to repeat the construction steps and match the wood species and graining textures to replace it.  With our current technology and materials we can provide excellent repair of missing areas or chips of veneer.We do however try to avoid whole sheet replacement if possible.  New veneers just don't match the look of older veneers and many times connot lay perfectly flat unless applied by a process called "vacuum bagging".  We do have another veneer specialty company that we recommend locally if you need that service.  Just call our main Furniture Physicians Co. number for that infromation.

Carving Replication

 Many old pieces of furniture have lost some of their "carving appliqués." These were carvings made of solid or even compressed wood, cut out separately, then glued and wire nailed to the surfaces of the furniture. Over the years the glue fails or the carvings catches on the edge of something during a move and are lost. Many times these were Bendix style carvings (compressed wood cutouts). The die cutters in many cases have survived and we can get these carvings very reasonably through our suppliers. What about missing solid carvings??? It's a little more complex but in this case we can usually do re-casting. Since these pieces of furniture are fancier to begin with the carving pattern may be duplicated somewhere else on the furniture. We use a special theatre grade latex compound to take a "mold" of the duplicate area. We then can use a combination of epoxies and fiberglass materials and cast the missing part. Color and even strengtheners can be cast into the new carving replica for exacting looks and great durability. No one but the owner of the piece will know that it has even been replaced!

Parts Replication

While similar to carving replication, parts replication can be a little more challenging. This may involve casting a duplicate of a missing wooden knob, a decorative brass key plate, or even part of a fancy turning or trim block from a bed. Using a multi-dimensional molding process, the mold is most often broken into two halves using alignment pins for reassembly. Sometimes the part can even be cast directly back into place with steel pins or screws providing an anchor into the wood itself. In most cases your parts replication is only limited by our imagination!

Metal Stripping

Wrought iron, cast iron, steel, aluminum, and many other metals can be stripped. Just call us with a description of the piece and a phone quote can be given to you.

Brass & Copper Stripping, Polishing, & Lacquering

Brass, copper, pewter, and many fine metals can be stripped, polished, and lacquered by our shop. Much of this is done by hand and machine methods. These items are difficult to quote over the phone and may require an in-shop inspection before an estimate can be given.

Refinishing & Repair Supplies

We carry the best in refinishing & repair supplies. Many hobbyists will prefer to do their own finishing or repair work. Names such as General Finishes, Restorco, Mohawk, and of course, Furniture Physicians Co. brand products are not found in your local hardware stores. Finishes, glues, polishes, and sandpaper are few of the items we sell to our customers. We even have our self-produced finishing video that can be rented to aid in your project.